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The most widely used trap design in Australia today. The Mini Myna Magnet is collapsible, durable and a proven solution to this difficult to control species – the Indian myna and European starling.

The trap includes all the welfare options you would expect from the original Myna Magnet such as feed and water dispensers, solid roof, no sharp edges and a highly engineered 20 piece one-way valve. The collapsible design allows easy storage and transport after trapping is complete.

Unlike home-made mesh traps; scratches, bird (and human) injury, rusty components and bird escapees are unlikely with the durable, well designed and quality manufactured Mini Myna Magnet.

Trap set includes: Feed cage, holding cage, walk-in chambers, one way valve and springs, feed dishes, perch, assembly clips and full instructions (by download). Please note: The Gassing Bag is now an optional accessory to be ordered separately.

Size: 400mm x 800mm x 800mm

Did you know …

Indian Mynas are a member of the Starling family? They we released in Australia in the 1840’s and now inhabit Australia’s East Coast moving westward into rural areas. Their population increase prompted the IUCN Species Survival Commission to declare it one of the world's most invasive species and one of only three birds in the top 100 species that pose an impact to biodiversity.

Complete Mini Myna trap set. Includes Feed Cage, Holding Cage, 2 walkins, 1 One Way Valve and Springs, 2 feed dishes, 1 perch, assembly clips, gassing bag and full instructions. NOW AVAILABLE IN STOCK. Do you need a responsible way to euthanase the mynas - Ask about our new CO2 Dispatching kits.

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