Council program

Myna Magnet Council Program

Myna Magnet Australia values its relationship with homeowners, businesses and councils. Municiple councils, especially on Australia’s east coast have an important role to play in the eradication of Indian mynas.

This can be achieved by trapping Indian mynas on public land and assisting homeowners with the supply of traps, expertise, education and potentially a safe and humane myna euthanasing service.

Myna Magnet Australia is currently assisting councils with our Myna Magnet Council Program.

The Mini Myna Magnet Trap has several advantages over homemade traps. These include:

  • The collapsible design allows for easy transport and storage.
  • The two chamber trap allows homeowners to detach the “catch chamber” for euthanasing off-site
  • The durable, heavy duty cage construction will outlast any wire mesh type trap.
  • Council staff have limited resources to make and repair traps for ratepayers.
  • Myna Magnet Australia has cost effective spare parts available on request.
  • Councils have access to special bulk purchase rates on trap purchases.
  • The Mini Myna Magnet Trap is made to exact standards outlined after years of university research and development. Some components such as the Myna Magnet one-way Fuzzle valve cannot be replicated. The original Myna Magnet is still the best!
  • Myna Magnet Australia will support councils using the Mini Myna Magnet with training and assistance for council staff and ratepayers as required.