Win the war against Indian mynas

We are proud to introduce the Myna Magnet – a scientifically designed Indian myna trap. Homeowners, councils, professional pest managers and community groups have the opportunity to help reduce or eliminate this environmentally destructive pest. These collapsible traps are the result of years of study and research at the Australian National University (ANU) and is highly effective and species selective. You can help our environment by eradicating the Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) or “Cane Toad with Wings” as they are often called with this trap.

NOW AVAILABLE – New Mini Myna Magnets are now in stock.

New Magnet Trap CO2 Dispatching Kit are now available. This is the best and most humane way to dispatch your trapped birds. The shipment of new Mini Myna Magnet and Pigeon Magnet Traps has now arrived.

NOW AVAILABLE – New heavy duty, collapsible Pigeon Magnets, Fox Magnets, Cat Magnets and Pussum Magnets.

When using the Myna Magnet, our clients traps report a speedy return of native bird species once the Indian mynas have been eliminated. The Myna Magnet is a programmed approach at winning the war against Indian mynas using a humane solution to a potentially devastating environmental problem.

The Myna Magnet is suitable for use in domestic, commercial, council, rural and horticultural situations. The Myna Magnet can also be successfully used to trap European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris).